“Support Innovation – Hug an Eccentric”™

Definition of Eccentric: “deviating from conventional or accepted usage or conduct”. Highly creative, innovative and entrepreneurial people rarely have mainstream’ personalities. The most successful communities and businesses celebrate diversity, including the behavior traits [eccentricities] that are often part of the personality profile of highly creative people. 

“The greatest strengths of visionary leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs can support inspired leadership and meteoric success. When taken to an extreme, these same strengths can derail a career – or a company.”  
– Marilou [Louie] Myrick

The behaviors of many visionaries, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are often interpreted by employees and other stakeholders as arrogance and unwillingness to listen. In fact, a leader can learn to manage behavior traits such as drive, willpower and bias for action – which are both strengths and weaknesses. Left unchecked, these traits create barriers to effective leadership.

When the leader is ready to change—timely, respectful feedback and targeted coaching can set The Stage™ for enhanced leadership effectiveness. This is a primary contributor to business growth and value.

Successful innovators and entrepreneurs develop an understanding of how they are different from the average person, and how they need to change their communications and expectations – especially if they want to lead or collaborate with others. This is often a long and painful process, and many people [both innovators/ entrepreneurs and the people who aspire to work with them] give-up because it seems impossible to change this behavioral ‘wiring’. The good news is it’s not impossible. The bad news: for some, the self-awareness that is a catalyst for change often comes at the end of a series of business and relationship ‘train wrecks’. This is where Marilou [Louie] Myrick and ‘The Stage‘ come in.

Question: “How many leadership coaches does it take to change a light bulb?”

Answer:    ”Only one, but the light bulb has to really want to change.”

In the “Support Innovation – Hug an Eccentric ™” blog, we explore:

  • the need for innovators and entrepreneurs to communicate and collaborate effectively in order to meet business goals.
  • the need for communities, organizations and individuals to develop inclusiveness and suspend judgment, in order to support creativity and innovation in the arts and business
  • the need for organizations to drive innovation and growth by hiring, developing and engaging innovative and entrepreneurial talent.
  • highly creative people and eccentric/ non-mainstream personality and social traits
  • highly creative people and the tendency toward ADHD and various cognitive and brain differences

To talk about your experiences, goals and challenges, questions or comments, contact Louie athttp://huganeccentric.com/contact/

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